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Independent Energy Consultants brings proven expertise in the Natural Gas Industry to your side, seeking always to optimize your commodity purchases in a complex marketplace. We have contacts throughout the industry and are well  positioned to accessthe best agreements for you, our customer. Our corporate name was carefully chosen to reflect our freedom from corporate affiliations that could compromise the best source/price/term for your supply.



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Ken Fuhr has over twenty years experience in the natural gas industry working on all sides of the market; his commitment is to constantly monitor his clients' gas portfolio which is the key to success!


Purchasing Natural Gas is Complex. You should not go it alone! There is more to a plan than receiving a Price.

Truly independent, our clients have our undivided focus-we are neither tied to producers nor to gas marketers so that our only motivation is you, the customer!  Experienced Advice is our product offering.We serve British Columbia, Canada.

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Unbiased-we only work for you!.

We install confidence. You have a       knowledgeable partner in a complex marketplace..

Your needs are our only priority!

Our recommendations flow from a constant monitoring of the market!