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Independent Energy(BC) Consultants

We're an independent advisor for your purchases of natural gas; we partner with commercial and industrial clients in contracting for their supply of the commodity in a complex and often confusing marketplace. Obtaining the best price value within budget and time constraints, while meeting predictability needs, can be a time consuming exercise- and we're there to help through all of that process.

In retaining Independent, you acquire a partner/advisor for your natural gas purchases; we're on your side to ensure that you are informed (market trends/buying opportunities/purchase performance/etc.) so that you have a comprehensive assessment of the impact natural gas purchaseswill have on your institution's performance. We'll monitor your procurement plan and assess supplier performance; this unbiased counsel will come at only a modest cost to your firm;our value added can be affirmed by our existing clientele and we would be delighted to provide you references on request.