Questions/what we do for you:


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  1. What are the Benefits?  Unbiased and independent counsel in a very complex market. We are our clients' eyes and ears in assessing buying opportunities. We balance upside risk against fixed pricing;our freedom from affiliation with producers and marketer's vending inventories under contract ensures that is your interest that is served.
  2. What we do for you? We become a partner and advisor in a narrow but very complex area ensuring buying opportunities are not missed. You'll be advised on market outlooks, and on how that perspective could impact your costs in a straightforward and timely manner. Our interface with supplier strengthen your negotiating position.
  3. Where are there strength in numbers?  Where possible and productive we combine clients' needs to form a buying group to strengthen their buying position.
  4. What mistakes have you seen? All too often we've witnessed suppliers/marketers buy the first year of supply with discounted prices that evolve into long term fixed price contracts. We've seen contracts signed that involved greater volumes than needed (i.e. with take or pay penalties) , which result optimum  strategies being missed, as the individual charged with the responsibility of purchasing the commodity just does not have the time to give to tendering/evaluating and selecting the supplier/ contract terms.
  5. How do you describe Independent Energy (BC) Consultants? We are a broker, much like a insurance broker will canvas various insurers, we will source your supply after assessing your needs against their qualifications (price/term/etc.)
  6. Do your clients always need a gas marketer? Circumstances vary, but in some situations we're able to connect producer to client with a marketer and in doing so, eliminate the mark-up taken by the intermediary. Fortis is also a choice of supply among suppliers under consideration.
  7. Why not simply opt for Fortis as my supplier?  While there are many variables (and we nor anyone else can guarantee that your supply will be at the lowest price) history has shown that it is possible to achieve savings over traditional Fortis Tariff Rates and we have a solid record in doing so.
  8. Should we always buy on a floating daily rate? This depends on your objectives and tolerance to risk. Generally, a blended portfolio is recommended (much like a retirement portfolio) now that the market appears to selling closer to the cost of production. Clients should be aware of potential price downside vs upside risk-we assist in making this decision using the latest market updates.
  9. How is Independent Energy Paid? Our fee is based on volumes delivered; negotiated with our customers when initiating a supply contract we believe, and references will confirm, that our cost is modest indeed, when postured against the service provided. We are compensated whether that supplier chosen is Fortis or another choice available in the market, this financial indifference ensures our clients' interests are put first.